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Flavourful Heritage

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Welcome to French Copper

Heirloom Quality for Modern Kitchens

French Copper is your gateway to the world of exquisite French copper cookware, where culinary passion meets timeless craftsmanship. We cater to both discerning home chefs and seasoned professionals, offering a path to culinary excellence for every level.


A Culinary Journey Through Time

Embark on a journey beyond cookware.

We offer a curated collection of vintage French copper pieces, each meticulously hand-sourced and expertly retinned in Villedieu-les-Poêles, the historical heart of French copper craftsmanship. More than just a pan, each piece boasts a unique history. We delve deep to uncover its origins, providing you with a captivating narrative alongside your culinary heirloom.


Each piece undergoes a rigorous refurbishment and retinning process at the renowned L'atelier du Cuivre, Normandie, France, ensuring:

  • Our retinning process revitalizes the cookware, restoring its exceptional heat conductivity, even heat distribution, and superior flavor development.

  • Food-grade retinning guarantees safe and worry-free cooking.

Chef-Curated Selection

Each piece is hand-selected by renowned Chef Eric Duvin, ensuring you receive only the finest copper cookware available.

With over 30 years wielding his whisk and traveling around the globe, Chef Duvin isn't just a culinary artist, he's a passionate alchemist of experience.


From Michelin-starred kitchens to intimate royal dinners, he's woven his magic for diplomats, celebrities, and families alike. Now, at his Walnut Grove Cookery School in France, his expertise flows effortlessly as he guides eager students through the intricate alchemy of classic French dishes. He doesn't just teach recipes; he instills a reverence for the land, the seasons, and the bounty that nature provides.

Become a French culinary master! 

Unwind in the picturesque French countryside while learning traditional recipes with Chef Duvin's hands-on cooking classes.

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